Touched Mute


Interactive performance, bone conduction, sound.


‘Touched Mute’ is a sound art installation, which involves interactive performance exploring the way of listening and communication. This work is made from bone conductors, aiming for audience participation. The participants would be wearing the device on elbows or arms, and the sound would go through the body. Then, they could place their hands over other people's ears. Through bone conductors, the sound transmits from the participants’ hands directly into the audiences’ ears, without being shared with the second persons. Due to the materiality of the bone conductor, which hardly to leak the sound to the air, which means, people could hear sound only if performer to place their hands over his/her ears. This work uses commercially available materials (ready-made), a way of musical expression through body language and mobile objects (hidden object) for both sound and performance art.


The You and Us


8 modified outlets


‘The you and us’ is a site-specific installation engaging with the idea of hidden noise. This work used de-functioned objects that fake outlets form a matrix around the only exposed outlet on the gallery wall. The notion of a gallery, according to Brian O’Doherty, refers to the disciplinary ideology undergirding the model of the white cube, maintaining an isolated and neutralized space from the social and economic sphere. This work through imitating and amplifying an obscure object, in which allegories of redundant and encumbrance evoke wider concepts of exclusiveness.