In Collaboration with Lemon Guo

“> 19980” imagines a soundscape of the inaudible. Music lies in silence in Taoist macroscopic ideology, according to which the richest sound cannot be heard, but felt. Incidentally, human hearing is limited to a narrow frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz, which split the sound not only from the maker but also its nature. If the sound begins in silence, which exceeds the capacity of human ear, then what kind of rhythm does it create? It is common knowledge that one cannot hear sound in the outer space. However, the space, which consists of subsonic waves, is not a soundless field. The earth, on the other hand, is filled with sounds that are beyond human aural perceptions. Dolphins, Sonars, earthquakes, humidifiers, infinite number of things are producing ultrasonic and subsonic waves around us all the time. This work starts with field recordings, including that of orcas, roosters, and everyday noise. The subsonic and ultrasonic waves under 20Hz and over 20kHz are filtered from the original recordings, and sped up or slowed down into audible ranges to generate musical materials. The work extends the Taoist idea on music, reimagining sound unseen and unheard, that transcends human experience, transforming with time and space.


Wet Wave



White River and Tremble Autumn




The Voice of Wave