In collaboration with Lemon Guo (music), presented at Ambient Church, March 2018

Music: Lemon Guo

Visual: Mengtai Zhang

Projection Mapping: Eric Epstein


The works come from various of dimensions, which is an electroacoustic song cycle that evokes themes such as real and imagined past, nature and ideas of nature, dream and reality, conscious and subconscious, and schizophrenia. With the theatrical narratives, live processed voice, electronics, field recording and moving image, the works embody sentimental psychological events in both the visual and aural realms through the narratives and geometric forms.  - illusions of falling into the past. 



Black/White and Wire


In collaboration with Sforzando, specifically, work with Vasko Dukovski, Yi-ting Lu, and Catherine Phang. Present at Mise_en Place, New York.

Composer: Vasko Dukovski, Yi-ting Lu, Catherine Phang

Performers: Vasko Dukovski (Clarinet), Yunzhuo Gan (Dulcimer), Shunyin Dukovski Wang (Piano), Julia Jung Un Suh (Violin), Mengtai Zhang (video)



Not Fog


In collaboration with Lemon Guo's theater piece. Presented in TECO, Columbia University and German Consulate.

Director and composer: Lemon Guo
Costume design: Jing Li
Visual projection: Mengtai Zhang
Vocal Ensemble: Amelie Gaulier, Anna Lublina, Anna Slate, Leigh Akin, Lemon Guo
Data Sonification: Ethan Edwards
Production Assistant: Summer Lin

Not Fog – 雾非雾, comes out of thoughts on China in the past and present. Rapid industrialization has brought with it dense and constant air pollution in nearly all major cities. The growing urban-industrial sprawl consumes more and more of the land. Economic conditions ensure that living in this environment is the only option for countless people. The smog is a long-term health hazard for all those who live and work in these environments. It also stands in contrast to a long cultural tradition in China of a deep respect and idealization of nature. Painters chose to depict mountains and rivers; poets wrote of birds and trees. These court officials lived in the great urban capitals of their time, but maintained a healthy relationship and longing for the purity of the natural world. One theme in particular they loved, was the fog, the mist, which hides the greatness of the land. 



The Yarn


Composer: Lemon Guo

Custom Design: Jing Li

Visual: Mengtai Zhang 


The piece is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where life is only lived through the imagination from the yarns of the ancestors. The tale spoke of a beautiful past, and a darker and older past that resembled the present. The visual projection is digitally processed videos of the artist's documentation of a Chinese ethnic minority village. The performer starts singing while struggling to unravel an intensely tangled pile of yarn that is connected to her sweater. The other ends of the yarns are wrapped around four tactile transducers, which she will later hand to the audiences. In the process of sharing sound objects, the audience curates each other’s aural and haptic experience. This gesture will also be read by the sensors embedded in the yarns and change the parameters of sound and visuals in real time.