As Steven Connor said, ‘We are surrounded by so many noises, and so many voices, and our noises and our voices are so promiscuously blended with each other, that ours is becoming a world of universal, crowded utterance.’ Are we listening wholly to the voices interwoven within the complex flow of sound?

However, a rhetorical question is still there, did it make you pleasure? Someone said: the noise makes me unable to sleep; cannot concentrate. Others said: the noise makes me feeling real; I am fear to silence. For me, this depends on the way of perceive the world in listening. According to Jacques Attali's claimed, ‘Music is more than an object of study: it is a way of perceiving the world, a tool of understanding.’ 

The work is constructed by a hand-cranked generator and speaker. The concept related to transfer energy(voltage) to sound through turn handle. Although the sound as a kind of energy around everyday life is invisible, people still tend to realize the state changes around us through audible events. But, if the most sound produced by human work in everyday life are unnoticed, how could we convert the human work (labor resource) as energy into audio and make it easier to noticeable? And why should we value the qualities (or anti-qualities) of ordinariness, triviality, and familiarity become so popular, so important now? Although the most actions we do in every day are trivial, people trend to looking for special. The sound from this box is quite monotonous, just like turning it, repeating rhythm and repeating an action.