Do You Know or Not


Transducers, live processed voices, laptop, 15 minutes

Lemon Guo (singing various versions of a Chinese folk song, "Do You Know Or Not".)

Mengtai Zhang (echoing with field recordings and live processed voice through transducers.)


'Do You Know or Not' appears as a metaphor and expression of Hubei (湖貝, an urban village in Shenzhen), but also emphasizes an essential problem: environment. The duo live performance utilizes the physical and acoustic structure of the labyrinth at the site, considering built environment and imaginary architectures as perceived in conjunction with sound, space, and the bodies, thus drawing attention to Hubei's unique geometric spatial structure, and the acoustics of the narrow alleys between the buildings. The rapid economic development of recent years has brought with it massive destruction of nature, such as sand storms, smog, water pollution, mudslide, and earthquakes. These problems, to a large extent, are caused by environmentally hazardous factors in the industrial production, and failed to raise enough awareness among the people to make a change. The erosion of nature has expanded into dimensions of civilization, culture, and history. The performance juxtaposes such "progress" embedded in the folk song and the modernization of Hubei.