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Untitled (2017)


Untitled (2017), exhibited in Liminal, at ChaShaMa, New York, 2017



Sound: In collaboration with Yingjia (Lemon) Guo

The installation combines multidisciplinary materials echoing gentrification in Shenzhen. Four years ago, Chinese president Xi promoted the Chinese Dream as a slogan in a high-profile visit to the National Museum of China. He said ‘young people should dare to dream, work assiduously to fulfill the dreams and contribute to the revitalization of the nation’. In this case, with the urban villages in Shenzhen as demolishing target, like the storm swept, there is going to be nothing left for lots of working class and young people who are going to lose their economical and convenient rental place. Many of them hold their dream life into the city through their affordable and cheap accommodations. Will the demolition destroy their Chinese dream? If so, should the redevelopment of city consider providing more opportunities and transforming the urban village to accommodate residents instead?

Field recordings from the urban village are played through the sculpture. When listening to the sounds of the car horn, the quietness of the alley, the wind, the rain picked up from the village, people have a direct relationship with the memory and the way these sounds evoke the memory. This daily trivial bland voice will also ask a question: what are you hearing? This work is also concerned with the neglected part of every day, day-after-day repeated, ordinary common things. People are accustomed to the things they see every day, or even ignorant of their existence, and thus render them invisible.


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