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1296-4107 (2014)


Digital Image by Mengtai Zhang, 2014

'Untitled' (2014)

Installation By Mengtai Zhang, 2014


Performance by Ayumi.t.Tamaki & Jack Nelson, 2014


Sound Installation by Po-Hao Chi, 2014





“1296-4107” is a one off show curated by Mengtai Zhang, which proposed to take place in the Foyer of the Ben Pimlott Building The title is gained from a theoretical and conservative calculation of how many times a BA Fine Art student will pass though the foyer doors within his or her 3 or 4 years of studying on the Fine art degree course Goldsmiths.

The main reason for choosing the BPB (Ben Pimlott Building) as a subject for art works and the Foyer as a “ gallery space” is we aim to prop up and show the awareness of the environment we are in and the things that happen and change in this environment, e.g the disappearing of full time security guards at the BPB and the replacement with part time security guards. We love our university in the first place and we observed our University and have made work about it.

We made these works about the BPB therefore the default space of showing these works is the BPB foyer. In terms of “ plate glass building university ” and “ Victorian red brick University ”, Goldsmith University is in a situation of co-existence in both terms as each term has got it’s own language for an academic Institution (University). To build a plate glass building isn’t any cheaper than building a Victorian building with red bricks. These architectural facets of Goldsmiths reflect the mentality of the academic institution where art authority’s disciplines and punishments and artist’s autonomy and are both embraced and hybrid.

BPB is built and used as art studios. It is a plate glass building that provides great street views for artists indoor, and simultaneously it reveals artists’ studio activity as a window display to the people outdoor. Things that happen inside the “ glass windows ” contain restrictions on the freedoms of art. Such as health and safety legislation and the academic parameters that students have to follow.


Mengtai Zhang
Po-Hao Chi
Ayumi.t.Tamaki & Jack Nelson

Theory Consultant:
Joseph Ho

First Curator Assistant:
Xiayan Wong

Special Thanks:
*Nick Grimmer
Simon Bedwel
Richard Noble
Michael Archer
Edwin Fuller
Janet Sellar
Zeyu He


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