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The Death of Heywood (2012)

Vendetta? Revenge? Interests? There are so many issues happened in China during 2012. The most earthshaking issue, even it spread to Britain, is the case of Bo Xilai. Bo is a Chinese politician. His wife poisoned a British businessman, Neil Heywood, and implicated in a number of serious problems.

Around August of 2012, many news reported around this event caused quite stirs in China. The United Kingdom government expressed concern and the verdict. However, no one really knows or speaks what kind of secret relationship between this British businessman and the Chinese politician family. While such mysterious secret stimulates the public’s curiosities. I am also a curious person. The more official conceal, the more I want to know. Then, I would like to invite additional people to take part in my gossip.

Therefore, I created this work. It is a kind of furniture (cabinet) combined with drawers and some mechanical gears. The gears could let it turn around and there are some mechanical lockers inside. When it moves to a different degree, some of these drawers will lock up. The shape of this work referred from Ba Gua (八卦,gossip), it not only presents opposition status such like dualism but also it called ‘gossip’ in other words (because in China Ba Gua used for divine the future in some way). This is a kind of word game to reflect the ‘gossip’. This work needed interaction with the audience, viewers are invited to turn it and try to open the drawers. There are different kinds of stuff in the drawers, such as snacks, newspapers, food, and disgusting things.

柜子1 IMG_1128


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