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Red Poster: Leg Gun (2014)

These works aim to present the institutional violence and essential racism in China. The idea about ‘leg gun’ started from a Chinese Communist Party propaganda theatre show. The director of the show wishes to use a gesture to narrating the war in the early 20th century in China. During the performance of this show, there is a scene that female use their legs to referring a gun. This action not only implied what they called ‘revolutionary spirit’ but also have the highly sexual hint (because of female diverging their legs). Therefore, I took this gesture into Chinese Communist Party’s posters, try to see what will happen when this gesture crash onto the propaganda image. I collected some posters related to Chinese Communist Party propaganda (mostly during the middle of 20th century) and replaced the gun on the poster with my legs (male’s leg).

redPoster red1 Red poster Red poster 7 Red poster 5 Red poster 4 Red poster 3 Red poster 2


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