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I want to play a game (2013)

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屏幕快照 2015-11-19 上午10.29.37 屏幕快照 2015-11-19 上午10.29.47

In 1925, Marcel Duchamp who had a shot at becoming chess champion of France, ten years after he did not succeed as a painter in Paris – and he declared that: All artists are not chess players – all chess players are artists. In the 60s, with some critics (such as Aktionismus and Situationism), claimed that there is an increasing call for ‘interactivity’ in the museums. This movement gets a new impetus in the nineties and finds its “philosophical” spokesman in Nicolas Bourriaud with his ‘Esthetique Relationelle’ (1995).

It is also due to Chinese Leader change (2013), and people always describe political leader about playing the chess game with other countries, such as Present Xi Jinping start to play the chess with Western. Therefore I made this work not only for responding the current situation in wherever art world or political, but also taking the idea about unfinished and play in the process.

This work presented a chess game that combined Western chess and Chinese chess. The chess pieces made by paper mash. The paper mash comes from collected newspapers (generally everyday newspaper). In this case, I consider newspapers are representing the global media, because they hold information as relative hegemony.

On the one hand, this is a game without winner and loser, because two kinds of chess pieces stand on the different position, Chinese pieces stand on the cross of line, and west pieces stand in the center of the square, which means they cannot contact each other. On the other hand, I want this game to become a competition game, for reflecting the political situation. Therefore, the mechanism lockers are installed under both chairs, with the third rule in it. If players can find clues in the drawers, they might understand the ‘secret’, and make this game be merciless. The player can turn the table and find out the clues (need cooperation, or stop the other), then open the locker which under the chair.

This work is not really becoming a mere exhibit (a display item), so that is the reason why I want viewers to join is to break the absolute situation of confrontation. Viewers take part in this game, which will make this work not only a sculpture but also a performance. I had created a third rule that could turn the game into a real competitive way. The new rule I call it ‘Contain’, and viewers might not understand what are they play about before they know the real rule.


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